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Back to 220, at last!

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It's been a while since the last update--since April 29th, in fact, when I finally cracked the 220 barrier for the first time. Or maybe that should be, hit 220, then bounced.

Here's the tale:
On May 5th, we left for our Panama Canal cruise, returning on May 26th.
On May 27th, I went in for another weigh-in: 228.2. OK, not too bad . . . 8.4 pounds up over a cruise. Not good, but could have been worse.

June 3: 227.9.

And then, today, June 10th: 220.2 pounds, within 0.4 pounds of my all-time low. And what's better, the nutritionist said I could start eating lean meats and low-calorie veggies for supper, instead of the meal replacements. YAY! So I've spent the last hour and a half or so washing and chopping vegetables for a pork stir fry tonight.