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Morning Whip, May 26, 2010

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Axelrod: When We Illegally Offered Sestak the Bribe of a Federal Job to Not Seek Office, We Were Careful to Leave No Evidence of Our Crime

Will Folks: Actually, It Turns Out I Do Have a Lot More To Say About My Alleged Affair With Nikki Haley

Modeling the Polar Bear Tipping Point

America Speaks Out! -- The 'Cuda-approved site:
America Speaking Out -- from the House Republicans . . . actually, to the House Republicans, from the American People . . . How not to fight a war

Fighting words (update) -- Wherein Bruce McQuain, proprietor of the QandO.net blog, is less than amused by a pencilheaded Harvard type . . .

Governor Palin is Rush Limbaugh's Choice for 2012 -- If so, Limbaugh's ahead of me. While I don't see anybody better than Palin out there right now, I do keep my mind open. Most of Palin's backers are not interested in a cult of personality--we had a bellyfull of that during the 2008 Presidential campaign from the Democrats, thank you very much, and look what it got us.

Think you smell bad? Sometimes it's in your mind -- "Olfactory reference syndrome" . . . a new way to be crazy . . .

Drinking alcohol can lower chance of diabetes: study -- And also anecdotally shown to be beneficial for those with olfactory reference syndrome . . .

Constituents Using a Forum to Register Displeasure With Representative: Spooky! 700 Angry Protesters on a Bankster's Front Lawn: "About damn time" On the other hand, 700 union rent-a-thugs showing up on someone's front lawn and terrorizing a teenager really does stink . . .

So Arizona Was Right After All?

A quote from yet another hero…

Heh: Slate Runs Experiment To Prove People Can Be Deceived By Falsified Pictures; Winds Up Proving Progressives Are Weak-Minded Dummies

Media now moving in next door to Palin to be close to her -- Seems like some enterprising reporter (hello, Glenn Beck?) should start digging into Joe McGuinness' background, past life, that sort of thing. You know . . . we deserve to know who's telling us all these interesting things about Governor Palin, don't we?

Past the tipping point -- "He's no fun, he fell right over." -- Firesign Theater

And they can't be fired! -- I'm coming to the point where maybe we should fire them all.

The Spending Must Stop

GOP senator on Obama: “He needs to take a Valium before he … talks to Republicans”

The Ghost of Donald Rumsfeld
But however glittering the attractions of a post-Kim Korea might be, war gaming has showed that upwards of 100,000 civilians might die in the period immediately following hostilities — even without nuclear weapons. With the nukes in play then all the bets, even in Tokyo, are off. Neither South Korea nor the US are likely to desire all-out war, simply because the stakes are so catastrophically high although they may feel it necessary to retaliate against the North simply to keep it honest.

A Moment of Snark
But, just for fun, let's take time out to laugh at the New York Times. You know, the ultra-liberal Manhattan newspaper that tries to teach the rest of us how to think because they are smarter than we are. Over the years, we have chronicled the Times's failures with respect to history, literature, economics, science and arithmetic. But wine? Is it possible that when it comes to wine, the Times is dumber than you are? If so, there is no possible reason why you should take the paper seriously when it hectors you about politics.


Bye, Bye, Mexican Pie Are cruises to the "Mexican Riviera" a dying breed?

Chris Christie to teacher: If you don’t like my education budget, find a new job

Let's be more like us

Why Republicans Other than Palin Are Failing With Respect to the Obama Oil Spill

in which the token Blackfive liberal challenges Senate challenger Joe Sestak -- In the reading of which, the phrase misprison of felony comes to mind . . .

The Subjects of the Constitution -- and:

The Subjects of the Constitution -- where Constitutional scholar Randy Barnett comments:
Legal Theory Blog guru Larry Solum just named The Subjects of the Constitution the Download of the Week, and I concur. Written by my Georgetown colleague Nick Rosenkranz and just published in the Stanford Law Review, this article is a stunner. It is one of those rare pieces that hits you between the eyes and causes you to reconsider how you think about the Constitution.

Ag Department shuts down embarrassing subsidies database

Tropical Diseases: Outbreak of Dengue Fever Is Reported in Florida, Health Officials Say

The Culture Wars are turning -- I think rather that people are finally, finally figuring out what's really important--politically, that is. Most of the "culture issues" we've been subjected to are, and always have been distractions, used by "progressives" to distract and divide the broad, wide alliance of liberty-lovers while the "progressives" enact their naive, wrong-headed collectivist policies.