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Afternoon Whip, May 25, 2010

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U.S. declares fishery disaster in 3 Gulf states

Lord Monckton wins global warming debate at Oxford Union -- Bottom line: global warming alarmists can't cite sources for their assertions. Global warming "skeptics" can.

North Korea cuts ties with South -- Uh-oh? Or just more psychotic North Korean saber-rattling?

Cruise Line Cancels Sailing After Engine Room Fire

NASA calls it quits for Mars Phoenix lander

Jason Killian Meath: Obama Should Send Sarah Palin to Louisiana -- It would be an uncharacteristically non-divisive move from our most partisan President of modern times . . . Numbers don’t add up to U.S. being socialist -- Stand a straw man up, knock a straw man down . . . a favorite "argument" tactic of "progressives" . . .

Stadium service workers for Royals vote to join union -- SEIU, no less . . .

Covert U.S. operations authorized in secret order -- I guess they're not so covert or secret any more, are they?

Climate alarmism in Britain: “…the poll figures are going through the floor.”

Dick Morris: Sestak Bribery Scandal Is Impeachable Offense (Video)

The Betrayal of Mystery

Sarah Palin: Just When Ya Think It Can’t Get Any More “Interesting”... Welcome, Neighbor!

The State of Genre TV

The Future Is…
While eBooks have been around for a while, the concept of e-reading hasn’t really gained traction, although I suspect that may change in 2010. Not necessarily because I believe everyone is going to suddenly go and buy an iPad, but because of one particular feature of the iPad that will help bridge the gap between physical books and eBooks. It’s not a feature that will be confined to the iPad either – I expect many similar, non-Apple devices to start appearing in the second half of this year, all featuring some variation of adaptation of the iBookstore and the iBook reader, which has one vital feature.

SDSU finds success as D-I trek continues -- Vindication.

The most unloved heroes in America

Tuesday Tidbits -- re: South Dakota State athletics . . .

A thug too far, part 3 -- I wonder if there is left any sense of decency on the side of the "progressive" leftists any more . . .

BOOK REVIEW: Greg Gutfeld’s ‘Bible of Unspeakable Truths’

SEIU = thugs

Obergruppenführer McPollster: President's Approval Drops to Lowest Level Yet -- "Obergruppenführer McPollster" is the local name on the Ace of Spades web site for the Rasmussen polling firm, in case you're a bit confused . . .

Obama hits new low in Rasmussen poll -- A less theatrical title discussing the same topic, from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air . . .

L’Etat C’est Moi: The Rise Of Dependency In America -- What happens when there are no longer enough people who choose to pull the wagon, allowing the majority to ride for free? Seems like some Russian immigrant woman wrote a big honking book about that--a book that's become famous, or notorious, depending . . .

Private wages sink to new lows -- The number of people pulling the wagon gets smaller and smaller, and the number of people riding in the wagon continues to increase . . . the term for this phenomenon is "unsustainable" . . .

Richard Epstein: What Rand Paul Should Have Said

More on Monkey See-Monkey Do Theories about Media Violence & Real-World Crime

North Korea severs ties, communications with South

'Nature's Batteries' May Have Helped Power Early Lifeforms

As Long As You Call It An "Emergency," You Can Spend As Much As You Want

Another Cruise Ship Drug Raid -- This Time in U.K.

Obama DOJ Prosecutes FBI Linguist For Leaking -- Where is the screeching of the "civil libertarians" over this obvious trampling of the freedom of the press to print whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want to regardless of any consideration other than coup-counting?

Obama To Honor Commitment to Visiting Chicago Periodically By Blowing Off Commitment to Speak at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day -- "it could be that Obama is so oblivious that he doesn't know what he doesn't know"

Talk about unsustainable

Video: Martyrs at the border?