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Morning Whip, Mar. 13, 2010

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The attempted murder of the Constitution at the hands of the Washington Democrats:
Pelosi Tells Caucus They'll Be Using Slaughter Strategy, and That Vote Could Happen Next Week
The Democrats’ Tangled Web
Mark Levin Calls For Slaughter's Removal
Mark Levin: The GOP should move to have Slaughter expelled from the House -- featuring audio . . .
The shape of things to come
Suicide Pact?
Constitution Butchers: Stop Pelosi’s Slaughter House

Here's the deal:

I think Caddell and Schoen actually understate the peril that the Democrats in Washington have manufactured for themselves and the oldest political party in the U.S., if not the world.

If the Democrat's health care reform passes, then the Democratic Party is history. The Democratic Party will be torn apart by an enraged American electorate this November, losing even seats that are now in the "safe" column, and the Democrats will continue to lose elections again and again in every local election, over and over again, repeatedly up to and including an epic landslide victory of--probably--Sarah Palin over Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election.

The American public's patience with the Democratic Party will have run out.

A (D) behind your name will mean political Death. Anyone who professes support or sympathy for a Democratic candidate will be seen for what they are: an amoral looter, who spits on the Constitution and 230+ years of American classical-liberal political philosophy. It will become a hazardous thing to proclaim in public that you're a Democrat, because the people will at last see Democrats for what they have become: thuggish collectivists more akin to Mao than to Jefferson and Jackson, Truman and JFK. The Democratic Party will pass from American history, and it will have richly earned that fate.

If the Democrats don't pass health care this year, then they'll receive an historic rebuke of unprecedented proportions in the Congressional elections this November, but will survive as a political party to fight another day. I don't believe for one second that Barack Obama is capable of tacking hard to the center and governing as a moderate like Bill Clinton did, but if he manages to do that, he might--might survive to be re-elected in 2012. But I sincerely doubt it.

If there is a 2010 and 2012 election--and given the Democrats' plan now to utterly ignore the Constitution and pass a bill out of the House without actually voting for it--the ironically-aptly-namedd Slaughter Solution--it is not entirely obvious that the current Democratic political leadership will deign to allow an election to occur--but if those elections occur, get used to the idea of President Palin.

Obama and the Democrats have talked cavalierly about the Republicans and insurance companies needing to beware of torches and pitchforks. The Democrats need to take their own advice.

Democrats in Washington need to consider what happens after, by their own actions, the Constitution is no longer the law of the land. A vote for the Slaughter Strategy is a vote to become an Outlaw Congress, a vote with the practical effect of dissolving the Constitution. Perhaps the political process can absorb this blow and deal with it. Maybe the Supreme Court will step in and take the keys away from this now obviously power-drunk Congress. I don't know what happens next, but it's not going to be very much fun for pretty much anybody in this country. I do know that there is a political explosion building in this country, and the fuse is this health care nonsense. "Light fuse, get away" was the advice on the side of many of the fireworks I've set off in my days. The Democrats have lit the fuse, and are adamant about holding on tightly to the firework as the fuse burns down, thinking that the coming fountains and sparks and explosions will make them look even more beautiful and awesome than they think they do right now.

They think the hiss of the fuse is the approval of their audience.

It isn't.

There's still time to put out the fuse. There's still time to save the Democratic Party. SECTION TWO: Things That Amuse Me:
Simians and other aminals*:
Humans Outcompeting Killer Whales For Food -- Take that, Shamu!

Cruising in South America

Fire the coach isn’t a Big 12 chant
KU 2K: Coaching got Jayhawks to milestone
Economic loss could accompany bid
No. 15 Tenn. beats Ole Miss 76-65 in SEC tourney
Collins scores 26, Henry 15 to lead No. 1 Kansas past Texas A&M 79-66 in Big 12 semis

Science Fiction and Writing:
Strong Women Characters
Outline and Synopsis
How self publishing can lead to a real book deal

Science, technology, and space:
Driving Hazards More Dangerous Than Unintended Acceleration

Straight news:
Teacher mauled to death by wild wolves while jogging in Alaska, police say

Miscellany (amusing things not fitting above, or below):
Step Away from the Computer -- I need to do this more often . . .
The Millenials: From The Greatest Generation to The MTV Generation

SECTION THREE: Politics: The neverending battle against blithering idiocy:
People doing potentially good things (including sightings of politicians doing something less than totally idiotic):
The Brilliance of Breitbart
Tea Party training: A report from Utah
Evangelicals scared of the Tea Parties? -- "Too libertarian?"
How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media -- You can tell the writer of the article really can't bear to be in the same room with Breitbart. It's pretty funny, really.
March 16th - The People's Surge against Obamacare 2.0

The cure for blithering idiocy: freedom and individual liberty (yeah, I know--ooh, ick, philosophy!):
If you are reading this, you are the Resistance -- "Absolute all-out political war needs to be declared on every Democrat in office if they do not rise up against the madness of their own party and put a stop to this immediately." The guys saying this were staunch Democrats, and not evangelical Christians either, but gay guys in Chicago.
Obama By Proxy

Politics, otherwise difficult to classify:
Politics Cannot Be Fixed -- It can only be contained. And it can only be contained by withholding from government both the power and money, and spreading both out so thinly that the excessive accumulation of both in one place never, ever happens. This was the key to the original design described by the Constitution. Over the years, we have tortured that design into its exact opposite.

The reality of President Obama and his entire Administration as blithering idiots:
Because He's Not Done Yet With Health Care, Has Passed Budget-Busting Stimulus, & Still Has a Few Popularity Points Left, Obama Vows Comprehensive Immigration Reform...
Dana Carvey Does Obama Impression on Leno
Question: Why is it party all the time in this White House?
The False Premise of National Education Standards
Holder Lied… Attorney General Failed to Reveal 7 Legal Briefs During Confirmation -- I have this suspicion, but perhaps it is only a hopeful fantasy, that after the Republicans take over Congress this fall (if, that is, elections are allowed) and start holding hearings, sufficient evidence will emerge to impeach and convict both Biden and Obama. And this time, it won't be "just about sex."

The reality of Washington Democrats (and Independents, and Socialists) as blithering idiots:
Boystown’s Take On Eric Massa’s “Gay Frat House” -- The punch line is at the bottom of the article. It's pretty much a litmus test of conservative vs. libertarian, though . . . if you're disgusted and outraged about the very existence of the "frat house," you're probably a conservative. If you're just disgusted and outraged the the "frat house" was paid for with government money, you're probably a libertarian. I'm more the latter than the former, personally.
Harry Reid: I'm Such a Capable, Intelligent Legislator, I'm Delegating My Public-Advocacy Duties to This Here 11-Year-Old Kid
Stupak's lament -- "What are Democratic leaders saying? "If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more. That's one of the arguments I've been hearing," Stupak says."

Other blithering idiots at large making life difficult for regular folks:
My illegitimate and anonymous computer chatter is unworthy of respect!
U.S. Record to be Examined by the U.N.’s Underwhelming Human Rights Body

Opposition Research: because blithering idiocy can be dangerous, especially when organized into idiotic groups with idiotic ideologies:
Equality, Progressive, Social Justice: Liberal Euphemisms for Big Government
The Left-Wing Ideology Behind the Health Care Push
Lessons from the Coffee Party
A City Gone Mad
Pigs at the Trough -- How about: No Pay Raises For Any Federal Employee From President On Down Until The National Debt Is Retired? Oh, yeah, a hiring freeze, too. And a total, real-dollar budget freeze. See below under "The Economy" for why . . .
Nannyism – the dangerous trend -- And, maybe, just shutter the doors of Congress and all of the regulation-making bodies of the Federal Government until the National Debt is paid, too. No, that wouldn't be worse than what we have now.
Inhofe: Time to freeze spending -- If a freeze doesn't include so-called "entitlements" then it's not a real freeze.
Heyyyyy! Think the Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution -- I especially like the first comment to the article: ""totalitarian capitalists" It takes a special kind of imbecile to put those two words together.
To Answer or Not to Answer the Census – That Is the Question -- Call it civil disobedience, then . . .
ACORN Cracked, Run Out of State Under RICO Act in Ohio -- They will, of course, simply re-name, re-form, and come back again. The only solution is to throw their leaders in prison for long, long sentences.

The Keith Olbermann Memorial "Special Comment" on blithering idiots in the Media:
Howell Raines: Why Can't I Be You?

David Brooks: Obama "is still the most realistic and reasonable major player in Washington" -- And David Brooks still has his rather embarassing man-crush on Obama . . .
Tea Party vs. 1960s Radicals
Brooks & Obama Cont'd

SECTION FOUR: Case Studies in Blithering Idiocy
"Global warming" aka "Climate change" -- or should that be "Climate Reform?":
Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: ‘Jail The Lot’

Health care "reform" aka health insurance "reform" -- or should that be health care "change?" Perhaps "Global healthing?:
How Republican Can Stop The Health Care Bill in 3 Steps -- Can somebody lend the brother a plural for the title?
Obama Realizes that the Solution to Collapsing ObamaCare Support is...Another Speech!
Panic at the Team O: Asia jaunt delayed for Demcare
The White House Kindly Requests You Do Not Refer to Its Health Care Budget Gimmicks as "Gimmicks"
The Constitution: Another Victim of Obamacare -- It's coming down to: Either the Constitution goes, or the Democratic Party goes. The two are quite obviously utterly incompatible with each other.
The Big Lie of Health Care Reform -- "Without health care insurance, there is no access to health care."
Somebody Up There Doesn't Like ObamaCare: Speaker Pelosi's Treasure Hunt for votes isn't going well.
Stopping Obamacare: Weekend Targets
Gallup: Health care not a top priority for Americans -- But, the way things are going, inflicting political retribution against the Democrats is moving up fast in the charts . . .
The “right” to health care - "No “right” as defined by the Constitution (a statement of law) or Declaration of Independence (a statement of philosophy undergirding our country’s law) impose obligations on others for their exercise."

The Economy (Can the blithering idiots bring down the most productive economy the world has ever seen? Yes, They Can! Will they?):
The Real Debt Washington Doesn’t Want You to Know About -- "the total obligations of the U.S. Government total $63.3 trillion, or $63,300,000,000,000. If that makes your eyes glaze over, this represents a debt burden of $200,000 for every man woman and child in America." Emphasis mine.
Rocky Mountain Low: Colorado’s New “Track & Tax” Law Invades Consumer Privacy
State Tax Refunds - The check may not be in the mail.

CHART OF THE DAY: The Real-Time Indicator That Says The Consumer Is Already Rolling Over -- And that's bad . . . quite bad indeed . . .
College is about to Cost You Even More
Buy Gold

Foreign affairs and National Security (Will blithering idiots get us all killed, or make us all speak Spanish--or Chinese--or Arabic--or all three?):
Leave yuan to us, China tells Obama -- We're not exactly in a good bargaining position . . .
Biden Trip Reveals Ominous Side of Obama's Treatment of Israel -- Does Obama and Biden really think they're helping the situation there?
It Is Just A Matter Of Time

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