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Morning Whip, Feb. 28, 2010

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Hey! It's Sunday. So what if it's 2 in the afternoon for the "Morning" Whip?
SECTION TWO: Things That Amuse Me:
Simians and other aminals*:
Life with Dolphins
*Yes, I know it's "animals," it's just that I always found the childhood mispronunciation really, really cute . . .

No. 19 Tennessee upsets No. 2 Kentucky 74-65
Anderson, Oklahoma State topple No. 1 Kansas 85-77
Jackrabbits pull away from IUPUI, 77-55
KC-area players spoil Roos’ home finale
Soria showing no signs this spring of shoulder soreness
Problem with Royals is Ankiel is an improvement
IUPUI spoils Jackrabbits Senior Night
Jackrabbit women win, lock up third seed
IUPUI beats Jacks to sweep season series

Science Fiction and Writing:
The seven types of book bore

Science, technology, and space:
Suborbital Safety: Will Commercial Spaceflight Ramp Up the Risk?
Masters of the Universe

Straight News--Stuff sufficiently serious to deserve a serious treatment:
Massive 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile- Tsunami Alert Across Pacific (Video)
Tsunami waves hit French Polynesia after Chile quake
Earthquake Update: Honolulu Port Closed, NCL Ship to Stay at Sea
Hawaii Tsunami Watch UPDATE: Tsunami Warning Lifted For Hawaii, They Seem To Have Escaped Serious Damage
Tsunami waves hit Pacific regions after Chile quake

SECTION THREE: Politics: The neverending battle against blithering idiocy:
People doing potentially good things (including sightings of politicians doing something less than totally idiotic):
Unhappy Anniversary For Chicago’s Tea Party -- Not exactly people doing good things, but . . .
As Dems press forward with Obamacare, they strengthen resolve of conservative to reduce size and scope of government -- The harder they push, the stronger will be the blowback . . .

The cure for blithering idiocy: freedom and individual liberty (yeah, I know--ooh, ick, philosophy!):
Natural Right -- What is a "right?" It is a vitally important, fundamental question. Most people get it wrong. Simply, if you have to depend on somebody else to give it to you, it is not a "right." Only that which you can obtain for yourself without interaction with another person is a right. So it's a right to go homestead land that's unclaimed by any other person. But it's not a right to squat on land owned by somebody else. It's a right to go out, produce a service or a product of value to others, interact in a free exchange with those others, and earn money with which to buy food, clothing, health care, etc. It is not a right to point a gun (be it a robber's gun, or a taxman's gun) at somebody else and demand that they give you money for food, clothing, health care, etc. The latter is an obscene perversion of the concept of a human right.
To Be or Not to Be Conservative

The reality of President Obama and his entire Administration as blithering idiots:
How Many Justice Lawyers Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?
Says, Who? Mr President, not the American people
Obama’s Weekly Address: Let’s Use That Olympic Spirit to Ram Obamacare Through Congress
Obama and Charity -- It is not a virtue to be generous with other people's money.
What Transparency Looks Like to the Obama White House
Obama: Kryptonite for unions -- Well, private-sector unions, anyway . . .

The reality of Washington Democrats (and Independents, and Socialists) as blithering idiots:
Howard Dean’s Odd Politics of Hate
THE MOST ETHICAL CONGRESS EVER! Rangel Won’t Step Aside After Ethics Slap.
What a Fine Governing Class We Have
Patriot Act Extended -- I'm confused. Isn't this exactly the kind of thing the Democrats bitched and moaned the most about in 2008? Oh, but I forget. Democrats lie.
Speaker Pelosi Tells Democrats to Sacrifice Their Career For Obamacare (Video) -- I'm not sure Congressional Democrats are stupid enough to do this. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Congressional Democrats are not stupid enough to do this, either.
Charlie the coward

The reality of Washington Republicans as blithering idiots:
Regulation Now, Regulation Tomorrow, Regulation Forever -- "Make government smaller, make people better off" needs to be the new Republican mantra . . . repeated over and over and over again

Other blithering idiots at large making life difficult for regular folks:
Violent protest in Berkeley
The Lights Go Out on Chavez--Just as he is attacking Bush.
Not Your Parents' PTA

Opposition Research: because blithering idiocy can be dangerous, especially when organized into idiotic groups with idiotic ideologies:
The Luntz Focus Group Analyzes Palin and Family Guy -- There
Question: Have Democrats become the party of cruelty? -- Related to the above: "Some Republicans might not like that we are gay, and might not like that we support the Clintons, but no Republican has ever threatened our lives, libeled us, thrown rocks through our windows, punched us in the face, or sought to deprive us of employment opportunities and ruin our good names. Leftists did all of those things, because we do not support “The One”, oh He of the Hope and the Change."
<<a href="http://www.conservatives4palin.com/2010/02/advice-to-sarah-palin-from-know-it-alls.html">Advice to Sarah Palin from the Know-It-Alls Palin haters, please review this and the following two articles. Thank you.
More Advice From the Know-It-Alls: RINO Spelling Bee Edition
More Advice From From the Know-It-Alls: Why We Mock Palin -- Sarah Palin as Jackie Robinson . . .
Transformation -- "the next six weeks, like the next ten months, are going to be worse than we think." So when, exactly, can we begin to accurately describe what the Democrats are doing as un-American? Before they finish tearing the Constitution to shreds? Or only afterwards?
Man who broke the Bank of England, George Soros, 'at centre of hedge funds plot to cash in on fall of the euro'
Princeton's Professor Truther
Bang! Bang! You're... Safe? -- "Anti-gun laws do not prevent gun violence. Anti-gun laws, if they have any effect, ENCOURAGE gun violence."
a href="http://biggovernment.com/fgaffney/2010/02/27/it-cant-be-true-more-on-that-missile-defense-agency-logo/">It Can’t Be True: More on that Missile Defense Agency logo -- I don't really know where to put this. I'll put it here.
This Isn't Eugenics ... No, Wait!
We Are Doomed -- Again -- They want to keep you in fear . . .
A mainstream meme that cannot speak its name
The Keith Olbermann Memorial "Special Comment" on blithering idiots in the Media:
Earthquake and Tsunami Coverage Relies on New Media
Open Letter to Two NPR Reporters
Press release, News story, what's the difference?

SECTION FOUR: Case Studies in Blithering Idiocy
"Global warming" aka "Climate change" -- or should that be "Climate Reform?":
Physicists’ memo to Parliament blasts AGW “science”
Institute of Physics on Climategate -- ". . .doubts as to the reliability of some of the reconstructions and raise questions as to the way in which they have been represented. . .intolerance to challenge. . ." THIS is why the entire hypothesis of unprecedented man-induced global warming is now in question. Contrary to what the climate change zelots would want you to believe, the scientific debate on this is only now beginning. It is not obvious that the recent decades' climate is in any way unusual in Earth's recent geologic history. This is not "denial." This is the scientific method at work. Absent that, this is without a doubt the biggest scientific scandal of all time.
Spencer: Spurious warming demonstrated in CRU surface data -- "It is increasingly apparent that we do not even know how much the world has warmed in recent decades, let alone the reason(s) why. It seems to me we are back to square one."
What Went Wrong With Weatherization
We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change -- Unfortunately, we can't wish away Al Gore, either . . .
Hopium Vs. ManBearPig: Which Is Correct?
Al Gore climbs out of his igloo
Global Warming Fraud: The Big Picture -- "We know for a fact, in short, that the computer models that are the only basis for the AGW theory are wrong . . ."

Health care "reform" aka health insurance "reform" -- or should that be health care "change?" Perhaps "Global healthing?:
Are Democrats choosing to run off a cliff with ObamaCare? -- I think they'll try . . . this is nothing less than a kamikazi attack upon the foundations of American democracy. They can not be allowed to succeed.
Health Care Summit A Bust With Voters -- What part of "we don't want this" do Democrats not understand? The "or else!" part, perhaps?
Republican Reaction To Health Care Summit
NYT getting pessimistic about reconciliation
Alexander: Health Care Reform a 'Political Kamikaze Mission' for Democrats
Conrad: Reconciliation won’t work for ObamaCare

The Economy (Can the blithering idiots bring down the most productive economy the world has ever seen? Yes, They Can! Will they?):
Bernanke to Congress: You Are Going to Have to Cross That Fiscal Valley Yourself -- "It is very, very important for Congress and administration to come to some kind of program, some kind of plan that will credibly show how the United States government is going to bring itself back to a sustainable position." This means, of course, that our current course--without the added expense of the Obamacare boondoggle--is already not sustainable. We, as a nation, are broke. Thank you, FDR. It's your fault with your reckless New Deal entitlement programs.
Insiders, Outsiders and Unemployment
Marginal Devolution -- "The recession got personal for me today. . ."

Foreign affairs and National Security (Will blithering idiots get us all killed, or make us all speak Spanish--or Chinese--or Arabic--or all three?):
Pull Your Weight, Europe
Sure of my lines, no one is there -- Did you know that the Obama Administration told the British that we'd basically be OK with Argentina attacking and seizing the Falkland Islands? Do you approve?
The British Aren’t So Special to Obama

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