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54.8 pounds

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It's been a while since the last update--since October 28th, to be exact. Since then, Snookums and I have been on a long cruise, we've gotten through the holidays, and survived Super Bowl Sunday. The tale:

October 28: 228 pounds.

This past Wednesday, February 10th, at the official clinic visit: 224.2 pounds.

That's good.

Dr. Tague (yes, we actually met the doctor again this time) adjusted my supplements a bit, but overall was pretty happy. We talked about an ultimate weight-loss goal. I had been thinking about an even 200, but he said that with my particular body type, that would be really hard to do, and suggested 210 or 212, somewhere in there. I'm ok with that, too. So that's the goal! We'll call it 210.

That's 14.2 pounds to go. Two weeks? Three weeks? Four weeks? I don't know. But it's nice to be so close!