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Morning Whip, Feb. 2, 2010

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Section One: The Word:
An occasional comment, rant, or snark, brought on by the flow of events:





The Federal budget deficit, explained in video:

And now . . . A (mostly) daily review of what's out there that caught my attention.

I surf the Web, so you don't have to! Section Two: Things That Amuse Me:
2.1: Simians and other aminals*:
The only animals today are the ones feeding at the trough in Washington . . .
*Yes, I know it's "animals," it's just that I always found the childhood mispronunciation really, really cute . . .

2.2: Travel:
Northwest brand moves 'another step closer to extinction'

2.3: Sports:
Two Summit League Teams Ranked in Mid-Major Top 25 Poll
Record-setting Jacks run away from Centenary -- SDSU 92, Centenary 50, women's basketball.
K-State stays focused as schedule softens
No. 1 Jayhawks return to top perch

2.4: Science Fiction and Writing:
Leaked "Lost" episode spurs surprising fan reaction -- I've never watched. No reason to start now. Maybe when the DVD's come out.
Revision, and How it Changes a Fella…
Pitch Your Hook

2.5: Miscellany:
VIDEO REVIEW: ‘Avatar’ the Worst Blue Movie I’ve Ever Seen (NSFW) -- Exceptionally funny, if somewhat scatological, video review of Avatar.
$173 Billion in Subsidies Won’t Solve College Affordability Problem

2.6: Science, technology, and space:
First look at NASA’s FY2011 budget
Americans Need Space, Break Up With NASA
Towards a Conservative Space Policy -- Let NASA do the basic research. Let private industry build the spacecraft and exploit the resources of the Solar System. Ad Astra!
Human Space Flight Needn't Rely on NASA: Analysis

Section Three: The News, featuring Liberty And Its Enemies:
3.1: Strategy and tactics for defending human freedom and liberty:
U.S. Judge Grants Political Asylum to German Homeschoolers
An alternative to laws against texting while driving?
Watch state spend wildly at new website -- We need more of this . . . the watching, not the spending . . .
The Berry Test: Will GOP Voters Support Gay Republican Candidate Solid on “Tea Party” Issues?
A True Roadmap to Fiscal Sustainability: The Numbers Don’t Lie -- The Republican's new ideas that Obama says that they don't have . . .
Governor Palin Endorses Rand Paul; Updated: Rand Paul on the Issues -- Some consider this to be the Conservative Cosmic Convergence, but Palin has a fairly wide libertarian streak, as do many western conservatives . . .
You Betcha: Palin Endorses Rand Paul in Bitter Kentucky GOP Senate Primary
Reverse Scozzafava: Republicans Can Pick Up Special Election House Seat in Hawaii
We want you to start running for your local school boards -- Think globally, act locally . . .
Video: Megyn Kelly Smacks Down Gloria Allred
Do We Have What It Takes? -- America wants fiscal conservatism. Social conservatism, not so much. Stick to fiscal conservatism and social conservatism will naturally follow--you won't have to enact it into law. People do what makes sense for them at the time, generally. Reduce the government incentives to behave irresponsibly, and people will behave more responsibly.
Glad That Palin Is Coming, says Illinois Democrat -- And apparently not in that snarky way, either . . .
Bipartisanship and the Budget, 2010
The Nature and Morality of Government
A Not-So-Radical Guide
Illinois showdown

3.2: The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
Obama budget exposes nuclear lie -- You can't advocate more nuclear power and also at the same time shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal facility. Once again, Obama does not mean what he says . . . in other words, he lies.
The Obama Budget: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending and More Debt -- He's a Democrat. It's what they do. Oh, yeah, they lie about it, too.
Mandation -- Wherein the nippers at the heels of Governor Palin get their asses handed to them . . .
Meet The New Obama, Same as The Old Obama: Tomorrow We Scrimp, But Today We Spend! -- President Wimpy: "I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday for a Waffle and All You Have today!"
Sayonara, Madame
Noted deficit hawk proposes budget, recasts FY10 deficit to record $1.6 trillion
Obama Unveils Budget: Everything Goes Up...Taxes, Spending and Deficits
1/30/10: Obama's Nuclear Lie -- From ObamaFailBlog. If you've got your own fail blog, that should be a hint . . .
Air Pelosi update: Speaker’s taxpayer-funded friends & family shuttle
Rep. Jeb Hensarling Stands His Ground- Thwacks Obama Again on Inaccurate Deficit Claims (Video) -- In listening to Obama, there are two things you must always remember: 1) Obama rarely if ever knows what he is talking about, and 2) Obama can very convincingly and authoritatively sound like he knows what he's talking about . . .
Obama: You Know, Now That I Think About It, The Health Care Bills Wouldn't Have Let Everyone Keep Their Current Plan Or Kept Government Out Of Health Care Decisions -- . . . or, in other words, he's an uncommonly good liar . . . an exemplary con man . . .
Dem Senators retreat to South Beach with 108 lobbyists
You Don’t Need a Washington Task Force to Understand the Middle Class -- What do the people want? Washington answer: Form a task force! Real-people-answer: Go hit a diner somewhere, or a corner bar. You're guaranteed to get an earful, and an education, if you're a Beltway blithering idiot . . .
With Head Start Failing, White House Proposes $9.3 billion for New Preschool Program -- Thereby proving that Obama is no Einstein ("Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.")
Leading Democrat: “We’ve Got to Spend Our Way Out of This Recession” (Video) -- Yes, when your family is upside down on your house mortgage, that's an excellent time to build that sun room, add-on a couple of bays to the garage, and expand the back yard deck.
Obama: 'I Don't Think I Said That.' In Exactly Those Words. In That Particular Speech. -- Obama caught in yet another lie.
Obama Parts Company With Reality -- Actually, I think that happened a long, long time ago . . .
A Logic Error, If Anyone Cares
Obama: “We Just Can’t Keep On Spending As if Deficits Don’t Have Consequences” (Video) -- So, why do you want to do exactly that, you blithering idiot?
If Music Be the Food of Love, Maestro Obama, Play On: Iowahawk Guest State of the Union Review, by T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII -- From the Original Common Sense Conservative (tm)
We’ve Heard This Before– Obama and His Taxpayer Monopoly Money -- See, the fundamental problem is that Obama and the Democrats think that money comes from the government. In other words, they are utterly, cluelessly illiterate in economics.
Pelosi's Last Hurrah
Bill Kristol Agrees That President Obama’s Been “Doing All Kinds of Crazy Stuff That Risks Destroying America” (Video)

3.3: The reality of the Republican leadership as blithering idiots:
Shocker: Palin buys books to incentivize donors -- Yeah, I'm shocked. Are you shocked? I'm shocked. And amazed. No, really. Shocked, I tell you. Soon, somebody will tell me that the sun rises in the east. That would shock me, too.
An Empire, If You Can Keep It

3.4: Opposition Research: The enemies of human freedom and liberty:
High wire Democrats -- Wasting a good crisis?
Hollywood’s Leftist Standard on Biographies
Our Obama Saga. Part One—Chapters One to Four -- I'm not entirely sure where VDH is going with this . . .
The Deficit of Trust
Lila Rose assaulted by Planned Parenthood escort -- I'm not exactly an abortion activist, but I do oppose thuggery, wherever found and by whoever does it . . .
From a Nudge to a Shove? Will Behavioral Economics Become a New Form of Coercion?
Deficit to Hit an All-Time High -- The Democrats, of course, blame everyone but themselves (who was the party of the New Deal again?)
The Differences Between Government and Industry -- In short: Industry: accountability, competition, and persuasion; Government: ass-covering, monopoly, and force.
Subsidizing the Golden and Sunshine States
The Age of Obama: Anno Domini 2
Big Government: The cultural issue -- GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM. PERIOD.
Do Liberals Ever Admit They’ve Lost*? -- Not that I've noticed . . .
U.S. Attorney Steps Down From O’Keefe Case -- This thing is starting to smell like a setup . . .
U.S. Attorney Recuses Himself from O’Keefe Case; Updated with Video of O’Keefe on Hannity
Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel? -- Of course not, Sarah. He's a Democrat. They have evolved above such base concepts as "decency."
Does Arrested Guerilla Filmmaker James O'Keefe Deserve Due Process? And is He Getting it?
Dangerous Lessons of 1937
Obama's "Plan B" for Organized Labor?

3.5: Media bias--and incompetence:
New York Times Stuck in the Cold War
Video: Chris Matthews compares the GOP to the Khmer Rouge -- Why does this guy have a job? Why does MSNBC have space on your cable/satellite channel guide? It's not balancing Fox News, it's balancing . . . idunno . . . Alex Jones or something . . .
The Dangers of Subsidized News, Continued
Andrew Breitbart, master of the rope-a-dope
The Fat Lady Sings for Keith Olbermann
James O'Keefe and the Fourth Estate's Double Standards
Global Warming “Science” And The Media

3.6: Fear The 'Cuda--A spotlight on Citizen Palin, who really needs to find a better phrase than "Common-sense conservatism" to describe her philosophy:
Conservatives 4 Palin --Semi-permanent link for Palinmania . . .

3.7: "Global warming" aka "Climate change" -- or should that be "Climate Reform?":
Rapidly Melting Credibility
The Death of Global Warming -- It may be dead, but its ghosts ("Cap and Trade," etc.) will haunt us for years, I fear . . .
Super Awesome Climate Scientists Caught Using Non-Scientific Reports. Again
Evidently There Was A Lack of Evidence
Leaked climate change emails scientist 'hid' data flaws -- This is from the U.K.'s Guardian, people, not the usual "right wing denier" sites. Start paying attention, folks. Something is rotten in the science of "climate change."
Climategate intensifies: Jones and Wang apparently hid Chinese station data issues

3.8: Health care "reform" aka health insurance "reform" -- or should that be health care "change?" Perhaps "Global healthing?:
Outside the Beltway: States Consider Prohibiting the Individual Mandate
Your Government-Run Healthcare At Work
Learn from Britain’s Mistakes: Don’t Centralize Health Care in Washington

3.9: The Economy:
We Need a Real Spending Freeze and Tax Cuts -- We need more than that. Whatever happens, is going to hurt. A lot. And it will hurt worst the people who can least afford it. Such are the wages of collectivism. Thanks, FDR, for the final disastrous insult of your wildly ill-conceived New Deal.
Construction spending drops sharply in December
DST Systems Inc. to cut 7 percent of workforce -- Good thing Obama wants to raise taxes on those evil Wall Streeters . . . who are . . . um . . . DST's customers . . . oops!
Tacks n’ spend -- The Democrats really, truly believe that the way to get out of debt is to spend more money. Weep for this country . . .
Hearings This Thursday on Proposed Comcast-NBC Deal
Budget Fun with Fannie and Freddie -- Yeah. Remember these. They're basically "off-budget." Which means the deficit and the debt are even worse than advertised. We Are So Screwed.
Obama’s deficits: Quite the rosy scenario -- Unless we all rise up and stop the Obama budget the way we stopped Cap & Tax and Health Change, we will really be screwed.
$1 Trillion Obama Will Never See -- Rich people are not stupid. Tax them too much and they will figure out ways to avoid the tax. Always have. Always will.
Why Obama Is an Even Bigger Spender Than Bush
No tax left behind
Added Risk -- Bailouts add risk, says the U.S. Treasury Department. Why do them, then? Oh, yeah, to pay off Wall Street backers of Democrats. Of course.
When you say nothing at all
Rising FHA default rate foreshadows a crush of foreclosures
FHA faces the music

3.10: Foreign affairs and National Security:
Leave Mideast, End Terrorism -- We should (always) be re-thinking our approach, but until the world kicks its petroleum habit, the Middle East will be the concern of the entire world, not just the unfortunate people living there under their despots and dictators . . .
Oldest Air Force in History Asked to Do More than Ever Before
Obama seeks record $708 billion in defense budget -- But are we spending on the right things?
Beat to Quarters -- I've mentioned that Richard Fernandez' "Belmont Club" writings are always worth the time, haven't I?
Ahmadinejad Predicts the 'End of American Civilization'
US Marine: "The Rules of Engagement Prevent Me From Doing My Job"
China: The Next "Necessary" Enemy? -- We have all the enemies we need . . . in Washington . . .
South of the Border, the Cult of the Presidency