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Morning Whip, Jan. 4, 2010

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New U.S. screening for air travelers from 7 nations: report

On explaining and defending human freedom and liberty:
anonymous, unverifiable, but authoritative?
GOP should push education and pro-family tax reform -- and with a dissent:
The new Republican agenda -- a bridge we can blow up when we get to it
Congressional Primary Calendar -- here's where the defense of human freedom and liberty begins . . .
An Open Letter to Democratic Politicians
GOP cash woes threaten House bids -- if you don't listen to the people, the people won't listen to you -- or give you money . . .
The Tea Party Movement Does Not Need a Leader!
Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe -- my disagreements with Paul are tactical, not strategic . . .
Menger Explains the Origins of Money -- such a simple thing, but so many people have no idea where money comes from (hint: it's not the government) . . .

The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
Associated Press openly scoffs at Democrat's "jobs bill"
Dems declare war on Rasmussen?
Good Lord: "I think it is unfair and, frankly, political to take pot shots at the president as we respond to this failure in our systems that we've got to get fixed." -- Sen. Claire McCaskill -- but wait, it gets better . . .
Claire McCaskill 2010: It’s Unfair to Take Potshots at President… Claire McCaskill 2006: Bush Killed Black People on Rooftops
Question of the Day: What happens socially and politically if “the first black president” remains an enormous failure?
The limits of self-reference
Stimulus Cash Went to Nonexistent Zip Code Areas, Too

On spotlighting and deconstructing (and occasionally ridiculing) Liberty's enemies--because even blithering idiots can be dangerous:
Confusing Overrepresentation with Domination
Americans Deserting Democratic Party
Race In The 21st Century - Another Inconvenient Truth
Berkeley's Unbearable Whiteness of Science
Obama and the 'Readjustment of Our National Life'
Census Bureau kicks off once-a-decade head count -- and they've even politicized counting people . . .
Fail Away. Taxpayers Pay.

Foreign affairs:
Unwelcome truths
Droning on
Iran blunders again

"Global warming" aka "Climate change" -- or should that be "Climate Reform?":
Aviation pioneer and master engineer Burt Rutan on Global Warming
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Fudged The Data?
Damn Global Warming! -- yeah, it is kinda funny how summer heat waves are signs that global warming is inexorable, but that nasty winter cold snaps are always somehow "just isolated weather events" . . .
Climategate: You should be steamed

there's no way to opt out of the in-your-face cycle
Preposterous products for people with more money than brains

Science, technology, and space:
2009’s Sleepy Sun Finally Woke Up in December
In the Year 2019: Five Forecasts for the Rest of the Decade

Oakland Nips IUPUI in Clash of League Unbeatens as Part of Five-Game Saturday Schedule
No. 12 K State rolls past South Dakota 91-69
Kansas State completes nonconference play by blowing out South Dakota -- oddly enough, the report on Sioux Falls TV station KSFY implied that the Coyotes played well. Maybe they did. Made no difference . . .
So far, so good -- re: SDSU basketball . . .

Media bias--and incompetence:
The MSM still doesn’t understand what being a PUMA is all about
OK… It’s True, Media “Gatekeepers” Really Are Evil!

Health care "reform" aka health insurance "reform" -- or should that be health care "change?" Perhaps "Global healthing?":
The Ministry of Wellness