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More about that global warming "consensus"

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If the "science is settled," then how come populartechnology.net can find 450 (or more) articles which cast some degree of doubt on the "consensus" view of human-caused global warming?

How many of these studies have you heard about on the TV, radio, or newspaper news?

Is there an editorial bias against reporting these studies?

Don't you deserve to know that there are peer-reviewed scientific studies which do not support the unproven assertion that manmade greenhouse gases are warming the Earth so much that we must drastically cut back on--well--everything?

Don't you deserve to know that the assertion of "anthropogenic climate change" is an unproven assertion in the first place?

Is a lie of omission a lie?

If so, would it be reasonable to conclude that you are being lied to by the new media--the very people that you are supposed to trust to tell you what's going on in the world?