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51 pounds (!)

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Yes, at the last weekly weigh-in for a while (I'm going on a two-month holiday hiatus) I clocked in at 228 pounds.

I made weight!

I was shooting for 230 by Halloween, and I made it. That also makes it 51 pounds lost since this adventure began back in August, at 279 pounds.

The short-term goal for now is to basically maintain about where I am (although I wouldn't mind shedding a pound or two more) as the holiday season begins. That means not going crazy, of course, but the rules get relaxed a bit--like a "real-food" meal or two every day, and the occasional glass of wine, perhaps.

I also found out this week that I fit into 36-inch jeans. All of those 38-inch-waist shorts I bought recently are a bit loose. Oh, well.

It's gooood.