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47.7 pounds

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That's more like it. After a three-week stall, I weighed in today with a 10.5 pound loss for the week. 231.3 pounds. Since my first initial visit with Dr. Tague at the Center for Nutrition, I've lost 47.7 pounds from the 279 pounds I started with.

Woo. And Hoo. And I did the math correctly this week, too.

I was getting a little nervous about making 230 by Halloween. I think I've got a pretty good shot at it, now. I'm off all of the blood pressure medications for now--we'll see how that goes, but I'm hopeful that I'm off of them for good--or at least for a good long while.

Anyway, I had my third "body composition analysis" this week. The numbers are really, really good:

Today, October 24th August 11th Difference
Weight: 231.3 lbs 274.5 lbs ** -43.2
Lean body mass 167.6 lbs 177.0 lbs -9.4
Body fat mass 63.7 lbs 97.5 lbs -33.8
Body mass index (BMI) 31.1 36.9 -5.8
Percent body fat 27.5% 35.4% -7.9%

** Yes, I gained 5.5 pounds in the week from my first Body Composition Analysis (274.5 pounds) to my first visit with the doctor (279.0 pounds). A last fling, of sorts.

Oh, yeah. I got another ribbon--my 40-pound ribbon. (Snookums likes the ribbons.)