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Rachel Maddow beclowns herself

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On the round table on NBC's "Meet The Press":

MS. MADDOW: I think it's--I think we always lament the sharpness of our partisan divide. I don't think there's ever been a time where we felt very "Kumbaya" for the--as, as left and right, except for bad reasons, because the country was facing real adversity. And I think that the left/right fight is healthy. I mean, I, as a, as a liberal, I want conservatives and the Republican Party to be robust and, and participating in a, in a strong argument that, that advances the country's interests. I'm not hoping for the demise of my enemies. I do think that we've got vituperative language, language on both sides, and I think it should be damned on both sides.
. . .
MS. MADDOW: I, I do think that there's a little bit of reckoning that needs to happen on the right for Sarah Palin's success. I mean, she was the vice presidential nominee, she is going to sell a kazillion books and she is the biggest brand name in Republican politics still right now. And she's chose--the person who's writing her book, her last--the last person who she co-authored a book with was called "Donkey Cons" and it was co-authored with a guy who's widely believed to be and I believe him to be a white supremacist. So she's chosen Lynn Vincent, who's written a book with a white supremacist, to write her book, and she's the biggest name in Republican politics.

Uh. OK, Rachel. You say you oppose "vituperative language" but in nearly the next breath on the very same TV show go way, way out of your way to accuse Sarah Palin of being a "white supremacist" by the most tenuous (and by the way quite possibly defamatory) guilt-by-association.


I assume for Maddow's next circus act she'll be "damning" herself.

By the way, Maddow's unnamed "white supremacist" is none other than Robert Stacy "the Other" McCain.

If that's all they've got on Vincent and McCain and Palin, Maddow and her gang are about to experience their worst nightmare--an energized conservative/libertarian coalition with a charismatic leader who are all sick and tired of the unending innuendos and slanders and lies of Maddow and the rabid left. And I think they know it.

UPDATE: I get a coveted Rule 2 link from The Other himself.

My God, THAT'S why they are afraid of him! He's THE OTHER! AIEEEEEEE!!!!!!