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17.1 pounds, two weeks

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Fifteen days, actually. Going smoothly, even with a trip to Chicago to visit Snookums' best bud Linda and see Steely Dan in concert.

I had real food, too--three times! Three dinners in Chicago--all some variation of whitefish (broiled preferably) and steamed broccoli, with an iceberg lettuce wedge or salad with red wine vinegar. It's a good thing that I like whitefish and broccoli, isn't it?

When we got home from Chicago, I had a big box of meal replacements from DietDirect.com waiting for me at our front door. Mmm, mushroom soup and a variety of new shake/pudding flavors get added into the menu.

At the Center for Nutrition today, the dietitian weighed me in at 261.9 pounds, and then took my blood pressure.

Want to know what it was?


I'm teasing, now.


That's below normal. Low blood pressure is good--at least as long as it doesn't go too low, I'm told. The Mayo Clinic web site says 90/60 is considered low.

I doubt that I'll keep losing over a pound a day, but 230 lbs by Halloween is within reach, I think. 220 would be nice, but that would be close to that pound-a-day thing. I'm not sure my joints would stand up to the amount of exercise I'd need to do to make that by Halloween. Maybe by New Year's Day?

I'm pretty happy.