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Who We Are

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I'm about to post this over on Free Republic, in response to yet another Sarah Palin thread:

Sarah Palin doesn't need to take over the Republican Party. We do.

We, the people. The real majority of this country. The people who didn't go to Ivy League schools, the people who had better things to do than get a law degree. The people who didn't drink the Marxist cool-aid at Berkeley or the post-modernist crap at Duke, the people who just want to live their lives and love their families and be left alone to do that. The people who aren't invited onto CNN or Fox News to give their opinions. The people who don't even know what Current TV is, let alone have so much time on their hands as to make a show for Al Gore's network.

We're the people who sit around a fire in the woods or the back yard, drinking beer and making s'mores, not the people who dress up and go to swanky dinner parties where they sip white wine and nibble on exotic cheese. We like cheese, too, but prefer cheddar to gouda, and if we're feeling a bit rambunctious, some pepper jack.

In fact, most of us don't like ties at all (if we're male). Give us a t-shirt, or a polo, if we want to dress up.

We believe that hard work is a virtue, and getting benefits from the government is not--regardless of any other consideration.

We think that Congress should actually read the bills they pass into law.

We think that Congress, for that matter, should actually read and comprehend the Constitution that they swear to uphold.

When we think of our history, and the Boston Tea Party, the first thing that comes to mind is NOT a homosexual sex act.

We understand "Take this job and shove it." We occasionally sing it loudly and off-key, when we're having a bit too much fun at the local watering hole.

We understand charity. We are willing to give to those who need it. We are not willing to do that at gunpoint, however.

We understand stewardship. We expect it from our elected officials. We do not often see it from them, however.

What we want more than anything else is to leave our fellow citizens alone, and be left alone to live our own lives without bowing down to some Ivy League lawyer who says he or she knows better than we do how to spend our money.

The Democratic Party elites don't speak for us. The Republican Party elites don't speak for us. The media doesn't speak for us.

Nobody speaks for us, in fact. Nobody with any kind of power, that is. So we talk amongst ourselves, after church, at happy hour, at Free Republic and some other places on the Internet.

We are Flyover Country. We are the Little People. We are Americans.

And we're getting very angry.