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His and hers cortisone shots

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Today, both Snookums and I went to the orthopedic doctor--her for what turns out to be "golfer's elbow" and me for achilles tendon bursitis that I've had since summer. Both of us got cortisone shots. Mine hurt an awful, AWFUL lot. Hers, of course, didn't. The orthopedist explained that hers was among the more painful cortisone shots he gives. Yikes.

My shot was excruciatingly painful, brought tears to my eyes and made my breathing really, really difficult to control. I recommend it as an interrogation tactic at Guantanamo Bay, as it's definitely a tactic of torture. "I'll talk, Doc, I'll talk! I bombed the World Trade Center! Just make it stop!"

Hers . . . "Doctor, any time you're ready." "Oh, it's already done." "Oh."

As I keep telling her, she is a freak . . . of nature.