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Where did I leave that rocket launcher?

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When you're out playing Jihadis and Infidels, please, please, please don't leave your toys in the nice Jersey lady's yard

We note with amusement that it was only an "inoperable military training device."

It should be great comfort to the careless owner of said "inoperable military training device" that if he or she is reported to the authorities for playing with an "inoperable military training device"  underneath the approach pattern of the Newark International Airport, he or she may (courtesy the Democrats in the U.S. Congress) safely sue the homeowner or anyone else foolish enough to think that this behavior was out of the norm.

Hey, maybe it was just someone who's had enough of sewage running down the aisle of Continental Airlines airplanes.  I know I have.  (CO has a major hub at Newark. I know, if you have to explain a joke, it probably wasn't funny.)

Hat tips:  Gateway Pundit; Tigerhawk.