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"In that moment I knew Iraq could make it"

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Michael Yon watches the American military midwife, perhaps, a newer, peaceful Iraq:

On the Oath, the matter was more interesting:
1) I will support and defend the Constitution of Iraq.

Discussion around Point One of the Oath was similar to that around Point Four of the 7 Rules.

2) I will cooperate fully with the Iraqi government.

Point two received some pushback, but again, imagine asking all Americans to comply with “I will comply fully with the American Government.” It would be un-American to agree to that! And here in Iraq, if I were an Iraqi, I would never agree to “I will cooperate fully with the Government of Iraq.” What government? The one in Baghdad that refuses to send legal food shipments to Diyala Province?  I saw this with my own eyes and videotaped officials in the “Iraqi government” refusing to help the Diyala Government, calling Diyala (verbatim) a “terrorist province.” Even though Diyala has been a province riddled by terrorists lately- that still doesn’t change the fact that people here went without food because of the Government people in Baghdad they are now supposed to pledge allegiance to.  No smart person was likely to sign that line.
Read (as the saying goes) The Whole Thing . . .