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Iraq: booby-trapped lollypop factory?

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U.S.-Iraqi forces raid lollipop factory:
BAGHDAD - U.S. and Iraqi forces on Tuesday raided a lollipop factory being used to make bombs, finding boxes of explosives and two tons of fertilizer in the basement of the facility in northern
Iraq, an Iraqi officer said.

The entry room to the al-Arij factory was booby-trapped and the building was empty because the workers fled after apparently being tipped off to the raid, according to the officer, army commander Brig. Gen. Nour al-Din Hussein. He said an anti-aircraft gun was hidden on the roof.
OK . . . a BOOBY-TRAPPED lollipop factory.  That's comic-book-movie-bad-guy level stuff.  It's hard to argue, after that one that the Islamist extremists are, in any measurable way, sane.

(Alternative reaction)  First baby milk factories, now lollypop factories.  Does the U.S. military have no sense of decency?