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Indoctrinate U.

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At the core of our intellectual culture, the university, a very peculiar form of myopic intolerance has taken firm root.  This intolerance is aggressively, reflexively, unthinkingly "tolerant" of a dizzying range of "progressive" issues, but becomes even more aggressively intolerant when it identifies a brave (or naive) person on the "wrong" side of those issues.

Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters talks to a Hamline University student who was suspended for merely suggesting, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech incident, that the university take another look at the universitty's gun-free zone policy.

This is not tolerance.  This is tyranny.

I haven't yet seen the movie Indoctrinate U. but I intend to.  From initial reviews, all those who truly, REALLY believe in tolerance should probably do so as well.