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I think I might be a Giuliani guy

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It's of course way too early to be making such decisions, but of the early jumpers and toe-dippers into the 2008 Presidential election waters, I think I'm most comfortable overall with Giuliani's politics and resume:

- Advocates lower taxes and smaller government
- Will appoint judges who actually read, understand, and agree with the plain text of the U.S. Constitution;
- Mildly pro-abortion (I'm personally not doctrinaire about the issue--basically I oppose abortion but recognize there may be instances where it's the lesser of two evils);
- School choice for parents and students--i.e. vouchers, as an incentive to force public schools to improve;
- Says he understands and supports the Second Amendment;
- Probably recognizes the threat of jihadism to our civilization;
- Has executive experience for a major U.S. governmental entity (i.e. New York City)

The guy made New York City work again. That's a pretty big accomplishment, I think. So, Rudy Giuliani's my early favorite. (One day, I will learn how to consistently, properly spell his name, perhaps.)

The other Republicans have, in my opinion, serious issues which prevent me from supporting them:

McCain will never overcome the stain of sponsoring the abomination which is McCain-Feingold (campaign financing). No one who advocates limiting political speech has any business being in government, let alone being a candidate for President.

I like Newt Gingrich's ideas--they guy's an idea factory. But I don't see how he's electable, given the rabidly hateful left today.

I don't know enough about Mitt Romney to have an opinion (other than . . . what kind of first name is Mitt, anyway?)

If a Democrat comes along who starts acting like they take the jihadist threat to civilization seriously, I might take a look. That eliminates anyone who has recently come out against winning in Iraq (which is pretty much every Democrat except perhaps Lieberman).

Still, it's early. Plenty of time for all the candidates to put their feet in their mouths (hello, Senator Biden!)