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Do statin drugs cause Parkinson's?

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That's what researchers are looking into, in this ScienceDaily story:
Suggestions of a statin link are not new, but the results of a recent study linking low LDL cholesterol to Parkinson's provide the strongest evidence to date that it could be real, because statins work by reducing LDL cholesterol. The study by researchers at University of North Carolina showed that patients with low levels of LDL cholesterol are more than three and a half times more likely to develop Parkinson's disease than those with higher LDL levels.
Yours truly is in fact on a statin to lower my cholesterol.  So, do I want to die of a heart attack or stroke, or do I want to die of Parkinson's?

It may very well turn out that LDL cholesterol isn't "bad" at all.  Just misunderstood.  (OK, I couldn't resist that one).

My thoughts turn to a phrase. . . something about the cure being worse than the disease.  Thanks a lot, modern medicine . . .