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Sean Lynch over at Catallarchy likes PriceGrabber much more than, say, Froogle.

On hard drives, for example, you can filter by size range, cache size, speed, and manufacturer. The couple times I’ve found errors in either the condition an item was listed in (the vendor had a refurb listed as new) or the availability (the vendor was out of stock but it showed as in stock on PriceGrabber) they’ve always responded within one business day. I have yet to find an incorrect price. Occasionally some of the listings will say “see site” but I generally just skip those. Rebates, which I hate, are also listed right in the comparison list, so you don’t have to visit the price to find out you need to mail in a rebate form and then wait for your money if you’re lucky enough to have the rebate actually fulfilled. They also list stuff that’s available from Amazon, so no more searching Amazon and not knowing whether the item in the list is actually available to buy or if it’s from an Amazon partner and not Amazon themselves!