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N.O. evacuation halted--someone shooting at 'copters

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Evacuation of the Superdome has been suspended after shots were fired at helicopters there in New Orleans.
The operation to bus more than 20,000 people to the Houston Astrodome was suspended “until they gain control of the Superdome,” said Richard Zeuschlag, head of Acadian Ambulance, which was handling the evacuation of sick and injured people from the Superdome.

He said that military would not fly out of the Superdome either because of the gunfire and that the National Guard told him that it was sending 100 military police officers to gain control. “That’s not enough,” Zeuschlag. “We need a thousand.”

Words fail me. Shooting at rescue helicopters is the act of a monster, not a human being.

Update: Fox News now reporting that a National Guardsman has been struck by a bullet at the Superdome.