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Royals slap around Schilling, Red Sox

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An unfamiliar group of baseball players wearing blue appeared for the second straight game at Kauffman Stadium and played like they deserved to be on the same field with the World Series champions:
The Royals continued their uplifting spurt Thursday night with a 7-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox, taking the series two games to one at Kauffman Stadium. The Red Sox's lead over the New York Yankees shrank to 2 1/2 games in the American League East.

"It just makes trying to understand this game a lot more complicated," Royals manager Buddy Bell said. "You don't understand how that streak happened. You don't understand how you can go through that and come back and play really well."

I have to say I really enjoyed writing this article's headline. Royals need to go 21-16 to avoid 100 losses.