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Full text of Iraqi constitution

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Finally, the full text of the translation of the draft Iraqi constitution.

My main comment: it's way too long, and way too detailed. However, Iraq does not have the democratic tradition that we did when we wrote our Constitution--some things that didn't need to be said in ours need to be spelled out in theirs. I hope it works.

OpinionJournal takes a look:

It's worth noting, more broadly, that alarums about Iranian-style Shiite theocracy in Iraq have been raised repeatedly over the past few years, often by American or Arab proponents of the Sunni dictatorships that are the Mideast status quo. But one of the most underappreciated stories in post-Saddam Iraq has been the extent to which the Shiite community has remained committed to a constitutional, democratic process--despite the best attempts of the terrorist Zarqawi or cleric Moqtada Sadr to provoke them to violence. Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who adheres to a "quietist" school of Islam that shuns excessive mixing of religion and politics, has continued to play a particularly constructive role.