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Folsom Prison terror cell

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ABC News reports:
"Al Qaeda recruits in prisons. They really do," said Edward Caden, a retired prison administrator in California. "Prisons are a prime, prime target for terrorist recruiting. It is a ripe population."

The plot, which called for dozens of casualties as part of a holy war against the United States, was foiled after Levar Washington, a former inmate at the Folsom Prison, and his accomplice were arrested for a string of gas station robberies.

Washington had entered prison a convicted thief and left as a militant black Muslim who had sworn allegiance to a violent jihad, according to law enforcement authorities.

We as a society do not need to tolerate this. We need to start trying these thugs for advocating the violent overthrow of the government or treason, and if the latter, lining them up and shooting them.

Hat tip: www.tom-hanna.org.