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State Governors declare border emergency

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Arizona and New Mexico governors declare states of emergency along their Mexican borders:

New Mexico:

Im taking these serious steps because of the urgency of the situation and, unfortunately, because of the total inaction and lack of resources from the federal government and Congress, added the Governor. We will continue to work with the federal government in an attempt to get their assistance, but something had to be done immediately. I want the people of Doa Ana, Luna, Hidalgo, and Grant counties to know my administration is doing everything it can to protect them.
"The federal government has failed to secure our border, and the health and safety of all Arizonans is threatened daily by violent gangs, coyotes, and other dangerous criminals, said Governor Napolitano. "These funds provide our law enforcement community with another valuable tool to fight crime related to illegal immigration."
Target Centermass comments:
Of far greater concern is the fact that our nation is overly concerned about political touchy-feely issues, knowing full well that neither Canada nor Mexico is willing and able to control who is using their country as a means to enter the U.S. And trust me, the radical Islamists know that too.