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Western rights vs. Islam

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OpinionJournal with yet another good editorial on the conflict of radical Islam with fundamental Western values:
The first is the draft constitution of Iraq, now due next week. Iraqi women like Naghem Khadim, demonstrating on the streets of Najaf, are fighting to prevent an article from being put in the constitution that would establish that the legislature may make no laws that contradict Shariah edicts. The second case is the province of Ontario, in Canada. There, Muslim women led by Homa Arjomand, an activist of Iranian origin, are fighting--using the Canadian Charter of Rights--to keep Shariah from being applied as family law through a so-called Arbitration Act passed as law in Ontario in 1992.
You see, there is a fundamental contradiction between Western liberty and Islam as interpreted by its more radical followers. One must prevail, and the other must yield. There can be no compromise where liberty is concerned--once it's gone, it's gone, and only massive amounts of blood and treasure can restore it.