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Technology Burnout

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Regina Linn at Wired is maybe too connected:
I'm guilty of disappearing without notice. By the time I realize I'm in burnout mode, I can no longer make myself e-mail my friends to say I'm taking time off from the keyboard.

And from the handful of "Where are you, are you OK?" e-mails and IMs I've received over the past week, I can see the effects of a frequent e-communicator suddenly dropping out.

People worry that something has happened to you, or that they've inadvertently offended you, when really you're just sick of typing. Days slip by too fast and before you know it, you've gone weeks without reaching out.

Leave your cell phone, pager, etc., etc. at home every once in a while, go out to a park, lay down on the grass, and stare at the clouds for a while. Or, maybe, go to the State Fair, like Snookums and I are about to do. Just a suggestion.