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Bush's neighbors have had enough of Sheehan

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Bush's neighbor engages in some firearms practice:
While about 60 in Sheehan's group held a religious service Sunday morning, a nearby landowner, Larry Mattlage, fired his shotgun twice into the air. Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents rushed to his house but did not arrest him.

"I ain't threatening nobody, and I ain't pointing a gun at nobody," Mattlage said. "This is Texas."

Mattlage said he was initially sympathetic toward the demonstrators, but that they have blocked roads in the area and caused traffic problems. He said he fired his gun in preparation for the dove-hunting season, but when asked if he had another motive, he said, "Figure it out for yourself."

No Government Cheese has it about right:

Louisiana Libertarian has also had enough:

f you want the latest on that woman out in Texas who is disgracing the memory of her son to score political points, go somewhere else. This blog will not give her the platform her and her allies desire.
Henceforth and with appropriate hat-tip to Louisiana Libertarian, should I be forced to comment About That Woman In Texas and her far-out pals, I'll use the acronym TWIT. Should you think that acronym is unseemly to use for a "grieving mother," just go check out what TWIT has said about Israel, for instance. I don't think losing a son in Iraq is a license to spew anti-Semitic rhetoric. Saying that, I'm not sure that shooting off a shotgun is necessarily a good idea either.

Little Green Footballs has everything you really need to know about TWIT, mercifully relieving from me the need to comment further. I'm outa here on this topic.