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Iran "astonished" by unanimous nuke vote

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Iran's President Rafsanjani is astonished that the world is nervous about Iran's nuke program:
"It was astonishing and really strange...that eventually what Europeans and America wanted was approved with unanimity. How is it possible?" Rafsanjani told worshippers at Friday prayers at Tehran University.

"We didn't think that an international organization, before the eyes of the whole world, would sanction that Iran should stop everything," he added in a sermon broadcast live on state radio. "The decision was a cruel one."

They sound remarkably like the schoolyard bully when his behavior is finally called out by the Principal. "You're cruel, it's not fair!"

Gee, you don't suppose committing acts of war aganst everybody and generally trying to export Islamofascism to the world kinda gets people's attention?