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Barbarians slow Iraqi reconstruction

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U.S. Army forced to redirect funds from reconstruction to security efforts.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, responsible for carrying out some $18.4 billion worth of planned projects across the country, says up to 25 percent of that aid has gone on security to face down relentless violence and sabotage. Poor electricity and water supply, two of the issues sapping public confidence in the U.S.-backed government, have been directly affected by the unplanned-for redirection of cash, Brigadier-General Bill McCoy said this week.

Some observations:

1) The post-war violence continues to cost in blood and in treasure.

2) Our military and political leadership appears to have underestimated the post-war violence.

3) Anything which the bad guys can interpret as either our weakness of will or of support of them makes the situation worse. This includes everything from demanding a timetable for withdrawl to attending anti-war protests, to simply dignifying the barbarian thugs in news articles by calling them "insurgents."