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Hitchens on losing Iraq

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Christopher Hitchens asks if anybody is considering the consequences of losing in Iraq?
It never seemed to me that there was any alternative to confronting the reality of Iraq, which was already on the verge of implosion and might, if left to rot and crash, have become to the region what the Congo is to Central Africa: a vortex of chaos and misery that would draw in opportunistic interventions from Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Bad as Iraq may look now, it is nothing to what it would have become without the steadying influence of coalition forces. None of the many blunders in postwar planning make any essential difference to that conclusion. Indeed, by drawing attention to the ruined condition of the Iraqi society and its infrastructure, they serve to reinforce the point.
Before you go out to your next anti-war rally, answer this question: What happens if we do what you want us to do? Where do the foreign terrorists in Iraq go next? What does Iran do? What does Syria do? What happens to the Wahabbist campaign to create a global Islamic Caliphate, and what happens to CodePink when Islamic Law becomes the law of the land?

Via Ann Althouse at Instapundit.