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Neo-Nazis and Islamofascists

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Chrenkoff analyzes the links between white supremicist skinheads and Islamic barbarians:
1) fascism and Islamo-fascism have a long history of mutual admiration, reaching back at least to the days of the World War Two flirtation between the Nazis and the anti-British Arabs in Palestine and Iraq - continued, when after the war many wanted Nazi war criminals found sanctuary throughout the Arab world.

2) today, both share a long list of common enemies: the Jews and Israel, "decadent" liberal democracy, capitalism and globalisation. Skinhead thugs would also be attracted to Islam as a "manly" warrior-creed, unlike the "soft" and "Judaic" Christianity.
3) one of the most intriguing unanswered question of the 1995 Oklahoma bombing is the possible Middle East connection of its perpetrators.

4) recall that already in the aftermath of September 11, many American neo-Nazis actually came out in support of the terrorist attacks.

Both the far left and the far right have always hated the Western civilization. Now they've found somebody else who shares their loathing.