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Mark Steyn on Democrats

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Sometimes, it takes a Mark Steyn to say what needs to be said.
The DNC's Bush-is-the-reason-your-kid-is-fat press release is a convenient precis of the party's problem: While he runs rings around them, the Dems lounge about getting flabbier by the week and telling themselves it's all his fault they can barely move except to complain about Bush's Supreme Court nominee's kid being overly cute. What's the betting for 2006? The Dems will have a few more "nearly the biggest political upsets," while the Republicans will have the actual political upsets -- a couple more Senate seats? Including Robert C. Byrd's venerable perch in West Virginia?
At this point, I'm almost desperate for a rational and reasoned voice to emerge from the left. I assume that this is possible, but current evidence does not seem to support that assumption.