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Blog Taxonomies

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Point: leftie blog Fables of the Reconstruction offers a taxonomy of right-wing blogs:
Calling Glenn Reynolds intellectually lazy would be to praise him. He doesn't write, he grunts. Has gained prominence by posting a lot and never making his audience think; has done those things by never thinking too much himself. Never met a Democrat he couldn't casually accuse of treason.
Heh. Indeed.

In retaliation, Right Wing Nut House offers a Moonbat taxonomy. He offers this explanatory comment:

I discovered that the more forcefully the denizens of these sites bragged about being a member of the “Reality Based Community” the farther they actually were from existing on the same plane of the universe as the rest of us. Some maintain a passing familiarity with reality – as if reality were like walking past a beautiful woman and getting a tantalizing whiff of an exotic perfume. Others have had reality slap them upside the head and still deny the evidence of it with their own eyes and ears.
For a view into the leftie-righie food fight, both articles are highly recommended.