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The gloating of the blogosphere

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Environmental Republican is entertained by the Ohio Congressional special election results:
Paul Hackett--a former Marine in Iraq--ran in the special election in Ohio for the House. Mr. Hackett appealed to the mainstream of his party by calling President Bush a "son of a *censored*" among other classy things. He stuck with this strategy until he figured out that it wouldn't work. Once that reality hit him, he decided to use that "son of a *censored*" Bush in his final, strongly Republican-looking ad.

. . .

By my count, this makes Kos zero for sixteen when backing candidates. If I was a Democrat running in an election, the first thing I would do is call Kos and ask him to never mention my name on his site.

Via Little Green Footballs, who applies the term "Daily Kos Kiss Of Death" to the above noted phenomenon.