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Russia revokes ABC TV's accreditation

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The U.S. TV network ABC has been barred from Russian Government events due to what the Russians see as biased reporting of the Chechen conflict. Radio Liberty is in the Russian crosshairs as well.
"It's also worth nothing that in Moscow attention has been paid to the fact that the interview with the terrorist was conducted by A. Babitsky, a Radio Liberty staffer, in violation of the Russian law, without a corresponding accreditation," the ministry said. "Circumstances of organizing and receiving this interview are yet to be cleared with his employer."
Reporting has consequences. Mainstream media reporters have become spoiled, high-handed, thin-skinned bullies who insist on knowing everything about everybody, but when the spotlight shifts to them, scream bloody murder about First Amendment rights and generally start acting like every other group who has some power and will do anything to keep that power. That's why reporters hate bloggers.