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Morning Whip, July 19, 2005

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The Whip There's only eight entries in today's Top Ten, and that's including several fluff items. I guess we're solidly in the Dog Days of Summer. As always, click on the article title above or on "read more" below to get the entire list.

#8: IBM to kill off OS/2--finally
IBM says use Linux instead. #7: Morgan Spurlock watch
Morgan Spurlock is the guy who made the breathtakingly disingenuous film SuperSize Me and is now making some TV show somewhere. The Blogosphere is on the job . . .. You just can't get away with B.S. any more---too many eyes and hands with keyboards and blogs are watching.

#6: Plame Game
Today's press hyperventilation: Bush is backing off of his pledge to "fire anyone" blah blah blah. Well...not really. It's actually the press who have Moved the goalposts.

#5: Supreme Court Vacancy
Who's the favorite? Edith Clement? Edith Jones? Maura Corrigan? Cecilia Altonaga? Some guy instead?

#4: Indians 6, Royals 2
Rain-shortened game leaves Royals needing to go 50-22 to finish .500, 31-39 to avoid 100 losses.

#3: Kansas City allows street vendors again
KC street vendors are back after a six-week ban prompted by complaining restaurateurs.

#2: 9 year old Pakistani girl gets Microsoft certification
Even a child can do it? Apparently so. Remember this next time some desktop support dweeb gets on his high horse about being "certified."

#1: U.S.-India summit goes well
Agreement on civilian nuclear energy marks progress in implementing the US-India Next Steps in Strategic Partnership agreement.