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Morning Whip, July 18, 2005

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The Whip #10: Is there life on Mars? Did we put it there?
NASA microbiologist says microbes can survive space environment. War of the Worlds in reverse?

(clidk article title above or "read more" below to view the rest of today's Whip) #9: Plame Game (Summer in D.C.)
Mark Steyn comments.
Even the Washington Post is (refreshingly) skeptical: This is a tangled tale in which no one looks good.

#8: Oh, now the Left is concerned about FBI files
FBI collected thousands of pages of documents on activist groups. Well, 1) the I in FBI stands for "Investigation." 2) Where was this outrage when thousands of FBI files went missing in the Clinton White House? (They have not yet been recovered, by the way). 3) Hell, there's an FBI file on me due to my previous employment.

#7: Shuttle glitch troubleshooting may require fueling test
Engineers consider full test to locate the problem with hydrogen tank sensor.

#6: Royals 5, Tigers 0
Four batters hit, brawl ensues, seven ejected. Royals and Tigers really don't like each other much. Or, these guys will do anything to get on SportsCenter.

#5: Ethanol is an energy loser
Researchers from Cornell and Berkeley say it takes 29% more energy from fossil fuels to produce ethanol than is stored in the fuel.

#4: Al Qaeda cell taking over parts of Somalia
The International Crisis Group reports that an al Qaeda cell is operating in Mogadishu.

#3: Germany frees suspected Al Qaeda leader
German high court rules that EU warrant is not valid under German law.

#2: Details of India Prime Minister's Visit to U.S.
Almost ignored by the Plame-happy U.S. press, P.M. Singh's visit to the U.S. is being closely watched by Indian media.

#1: Property rights in St. Louis? What a silly idea!
We've got a shopping center to build. Who cares about those sixty homeowners?