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Morning Whip, July 17, 2005

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#10: Pig sperm . . . In . . . Spaaaaaacccccceeeeee!!!!!!!!
Chinese to send pedigree swine semen soaring spaceward. #9: Bullying is learned, not inherited
Quebec researchers study pairs of twins. Don't hit your brother. Don't call him a poopy-head either.

#8: Hangovers, on the other hand, might be genetic in part
Japanese researchers zero in on the gene for processing acetaldehyde as the key to susceptibility to hangovers.

#7: Plague of locusts hits France
As if losing the Olympics to England wasn't enough, parts of southern France are being stripped bare by the voracious insects,

#6: Go see Batman Returns.
It's a surprisingly good movie, much truer to the spirit of the comic than either the 60's TV show (BAM! POW!) or the various recent movies.

#5: Tigers 5. Royals 3
Royals need to go 50-22 to finish at .500, 32-40 to avoid 100 losses.

#4: First criminal case filed against Saddam
Saddam is charged in the death of "dozens" of Shia Iraqis.

#3: Shuttle launch on hold "indefinitely"
No progress reported in search for elusive sensor problem which is keeping the aging Shuttle on the ground.

#2: Plame Game update
The 2005 Washington Summer Games, having come up empty with Karl Rove, now go after Cheney's chief of staff. Anything to pass the time until the Redskins take the field, I guess. Still unanswered is why it's appropriate for a senior diplomat to be married to a CIA officer, covert or otherwise.

#1: India-U.S. Summit on tap this week
India Prime Minister to visit Washington this week. Medary.com's stand is that India and the U.S. need to become much closer allies and partners to meet the 21st Century's challenges.