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Morning Whip, July 16, 2005

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The Whip Today's Whip:

For details click on “read more” below or on this article's title. #10: Harry Potter
The book is out. BBC liveblogged it here.

#9: NBA Arena turned into church
Houston's Compaq Center becomes the new 16,000 seat home of the Lakewood Church.

#8: Planet with three suns
Astronomers find planet 149 light years from Earth that they dub “Tatooine planets” after Luke Skywaker's home in Star Wars.

#7: KC Wizards “Break The Record Night”
Kansas City pro soccer team hopes to draw 30,309 or more to game with Salt Lake tonight.

#6: KU disciplines itself
Kansas University voluntarily reduced scholarships in football and women's basketball after discovering violations in those programs. Men's basketball escaped sanctions despite former coach Roy Williams' allowing graduating seniors to receive gifts from boosters.

#5: Royals lose to Detroit 4-1
No run support for Lima. Royals need to go 50-23 to finish .500, 32-41 to avoid 100 losses.

#4: Shuttle Update: Launch no earlier than late next week
NASA engineers struggling to find sensor problem which cancelled this week's “Return to Flight.”

#3: Tee-ball coach puts hit out on autistic player
Coach alleged to have paid $25 to injure a disabled player so that he could not play on the coach's team.

#2: Military tribunals upheld by Appeals Court
Circuit court ruling that said that Guantanamo military tribunals were not “competent tribunals“ is slapped down hard by the U.S. Court of Appeals, which rules among other things that the Geneva Convention is not enforcable in U.S. Courts, and that terrorists aren't covered by the Conventions anyway.

#1: Chinese general threatens to nuke U.S.
Chinese general Zhu Chenghu rattles the nuclear saber if America defends Taiwan. It's OK though, he was just speaking for himself, not for the ChiCom government. Right.