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Morning Whip, July 15, 2005

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The Whip Medary.com presents the triumphant return of the Morning Whip!

For those of you new to Medary.com, The Whip was a quick review of the day's headlines from Medary.com's unique editorial viewpoint. It returns in a Top-10 List format, but you'll have to click on the Morning Whip title above, or click "read more" below to get the goods. Click on an ad or two, too, if you see something interesting. #10: Rove found out that Plame worked for the CIA . . . from the press.

Heh. Maybe the press should resign?

#9: Is Alzheimer's disease reversible? Maybe--at least in mice.

Is it really as "easy" as switching off a gene?

#8: Donate your old cell phones to benefit orangutan preservation in Borneo.

If not for yourself, for Discworld's Librarian.

#7: Related cell-phone news: the FAA says the ban on cell phone use in flight will stay in place.

I'm pretty libertarian about most things, but there's something about sitting in an aluminum tube with 200 people, all chatting at the top of their lungs on their cell phones that puts me off.

#6: Federal deficit shrinks.

Pundits baffled. Here's a hint--tax cuts work. So, Blame Bush.

#5: Chief Justice Rehnquist says he isn't quitting yet.

Personally, I think it's time for him to retire, but I'd rather that the five idiot Justices who voted to repeal the Fifth Amendment would leave first. Instead, O'Connor (who wrote the scathing dissent in that case) and maybe Rehnquist will be leaving. I fear for our Republic.

#4: Royals beat Detroit 12-9.

Royals need to go 50-24 to finish .500, 32-42 to avoid 100 losses.

#3: Space Shuttle may launch Sunday, but probably won't.

Time to turn over the shuttle replacement project to Burt Rutan.

#2: London bombing mastermind reportedly arrested in Egypt.

He and his ilk need to be hunted down and destroyed. No quarter given.

#1: South Dakota State University men's basketball team to participate in the Guardians Classic, to play Kentucky in the first round.

SDSU's women's team gained their first ever victory after moving up to Division I against the Kentucky Wildcat women. SDSU's men face a tougher task in trying to beat Kentucky in Rupp Arena, but hey, isn't having a chance what it's all about, Rocky?