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Marquette Re-Opens Nickname Search

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Previously reported here, Marquette University has apparently heard the cries (and web sites) of astonishment and outrage at their committee's attempt to change their tepid "Golden Eagles" nickname to the even more lame (or would that be lame'?) "Gold."

Frighteningly, Marquette president Robert Wild set the tone for a continuing debacle when he said in a written statement: “While I recognize that some people are disappointed that we are not reinstating the Warriors nickname, we cannot teach one principle about respect for human dignity in our classrooms and then fail to act by that same principle when making decisions,” President Robert Wild, S.J., said. “The Warriors nickname will always be part of our proud athletics tradition, and we will honor that tradition. But we live in a different era than when the Warriors nickname was selected in 1954. The perspective of time has shown us that our actions, intended or not, can offend others. We must not knowingly act in a way that others will believe, based on their experience, to be an attack on their dignity as fellow human beings.”

The "offend the offendable" game has always been dangerous to play. In this case, Wild simply has no idea how offensive his comment is. Several good friends of mine, my brother, my father, my father-in-law, and several other family members were all "warriors." Their service should be honored, not mocked and distorted. The American Warrior defends human dignity, it is Wild who denies human dignity to those in the military profession. This reckless, closed-minded, disrespectful political correctness needs to be vigorously opposed wherever it occurs.

Wild and his ilk should be required to attend mandatory warrior sensitivity training.