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Tenants For The Sprint Center?

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Lots of Sprint Center news recently. There are from concert promoters that 18,000 seats is too small. There are worries that $250 million isn't enough.

Now, a Kansas City Star story by Randy Covitz (not yet published on the Web) says that it's more likely an NHL team will become the prime tenant of the building vs. an NBA team. Wonderfully snarky comment from NBA bigwig David Stern:

"We didn't tell them to go do a building," Stern said before joking, "Maybe they can have a WNBA team."

Well, the NBA sucks anyway. I would much prefer watching real basketball as played in the WNBA versus the cartoonish bomb and bam thugfest which is the NBA. Heck, I have found this year's NHL season (which wasn't played) more entertaining than the NBA season. That should give you a pretty good indication of how much I want an NBA franchise in Kansas City.