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Morning Whip 4/20/05

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The Whip Pope Benedict XVI.

Cell transplant from mother to daughter cures Type 1 diabetes in daughter.

Hope for rural Internet users (Hi, Betty! Hi, Brenda!) Wi-Max is coming. Long-range (up to 30 miles), wireless networking. As mentioned in a previous Whip, Intel is moving forward with a chip implementation of Wi-Max.

"One Size Doesn't Fit All." With those profound words, the Government tries again with their Food Pyramid. Is the USDA still pushing carbs? You betcha!

Division I athletics finally come to South Dakota, as the U. of Minnesota visits South Dakota State in Sioux Falls. To understand what a big deal this is, realize that South Dakota was the very last of all the states to field a "big-time" college athletic program.

Tech question of the day: How do you syslog?