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Where's The Technology, Filbert?

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I haven't posted any stories in the Technology section yet (until this one). While this might be due to my slow recovery from a career as a network engineer and network security guy, it's probably due more to the fact that it's been a whirlwind of activity since I left corporate America at the end of March.

There are a couple of new computers (one desktop, one notebook) sitting in their boxes at the top of the stairs, waiting for me to do some pre-configuring before taking them over to my in-law's to 1) replace the father-in-law's sluggish, elderly Gateway, and 2) get my mother-in-law into the wireless/laptop generation. That should be entertaining, and I'll be posting that saga here.

Also on the Ideas list for articles is a review of my 2005 Acura RL. In short, a very nice car.

Elsewhere, I got my own notebook back from the fine folks at LinuxCertified. My motherboard fried itself earlier this year. I took it to the local MicroCenter, who tried their best, identified the motherboard itself as the toasted component, but couldn't locate a replacement. Fortunately, LinuxCertified (who I originally bought the laptop from) came through. Happy customer here.

Other topics which may find their way here may include:
Network management,
Network security,
Satellite TV,
Mobile computing,
Home automation,
and anything else which catches my fancy.