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Morning Whip, 4/14/05

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The Whip "You're not going to file this, are you?" Listed under Things you don't want to hear from an accountant. Snookums and I got our draft tax return back from a Major Tax Return Preparation Service, and shipped it over to Snookums' sister, who works in the tax division of a Major Accounting Firm. Snookums' sister, um, recommended we file an extension. Enough said.

Hyping the number of people with diseases. Objective scientists would never do this. Would they?

UN Oil-For-Food scandal indictments. A Texas oilman, David Chalmers, a British citizen, John Irving, and a Bulgarian associate Ludmil Dionissiev are named in the just-opened indictment in New York. The first of many, we hope.

Florida is still growin' like a weed with 14 of the fastest-growing 100 counties in the U.S. Suburban Sioux Falls, S.D. has two counties in the top five - - but when one of them only has 3,700 residents, one big Catholic family moving in will skew the stats a bit.

The RIAA is going after the research/academic Internet 2 network users.