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Morning Whip, 4/12/05

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The Whip Third-largest opening day crowd in Kauffman Stadium history sees the Kansas City Royals blown away by the Seattle Mariners. Sigh. Joe Pozanski sees a silver lining, though.

Low-fat diets may be depriving kids of necessary vitamins.

Purdue extends its Rube Goldberg Contest dynasty with its third straight championship.

There's a huge scandal brewing up north in Canada. Here's what it's aboot . . .

U.S. to start requiring American Citizens returning from Mexico and Canada to have valid passports.

Don't want genetically altered rice in your beer? That's OK, Anheuser-Busch is on your side. Don't want rice in your beer? Well . . .

Related: The St. Louis beer giant has increased its stake in China's Tsingtao brewery. Makes sense to me.

Regular readers may know that we keep half an eye on Wal-Mart, which rarely gets positive press. This Townhall editorial is an exception.

Finally in The Whip today: The Incredible Popeman?