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Morning Whip, 4/9/05

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The Whip The alleged Finger-In-The-Wendy's-Chili affair gets weirder. It seems that the supposed victim has a history of litigation, including one dismissed case where she claimed that a wheel fell off her car.

Another computer stolen, more private records compromised. This time, it's a medical office computer in San Jose. That's only the tip of a very large iceberg. Want to get sobered up real fast? Type "stolen computer" into Google News. We're just going to have to outlaw the negligent electronic storage of personal information.

Duck broods at the Treasury Department. The Secret Service is there. On a side note, did you know that the Secret Service had a uniformed division? Secret? Uniforms?

Postal rates going up to $0.39? It's Congress' Fault!

Fish prefer noise.

Spammer sentenced to nine years in prison in Virginia. One down, a million to go. They don't have Internet access in prison, do they?

Cookie Monster goes low-carb?

Hunting puma in the Black Hills.
Jonathan Jenks, a South Dakota State University wildlife and fisheries professor, is the principal investigator on the mountain lion study. For the first time last year, he said, biologists came upon cougars that were not in good condition. The presence of a couple of emaciated young lions, Jenks said, suggests the Black Hills might be supporting the maximum number of cougars it can.

Got horses? Got riders? Be like South Dakota State and thirty-some other colleges and start an equestrian program. It's Title-IX-alicious! Giddy-up!

Ultimate Electronics is goin' down. The high-end Best Buy wannabe is being liquidated. Big screen TVs at a fraction of their retail cost! Coming to an Ultimate Electronics near you!